24 Hour Access

More of a night owl? No problem, you can access Unit B anytime.


Coffee is the foundation of our food pyramid! We have an abundant supply of fair-trade coffee from our friends at Burrow.

Common Area

Equipped with a foosball table, magazines, and plenty of seating.


With everything you might need. Just like at home!

Pet Friendly

Here, it’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day, everyday!

Secure Shredding

You have a business to run. Let us take care of the little things!

Laser Printing

Ain’t nobody got time for inkjet. We offer full colour laser printing.

Spud Deliveries

Fresh organic fruit and snacks delivered from Spud.


Stay connected on our fast, reliable shared network.

Book A Tour

Book A Tour

If what you do needs this sort of space, you can find it at Unit B!

Our Members

You may work on your own, but when you step through Unit B's door, you're part of something bigger. Here, you trade in colleagues for friends.

Brendan Taylor

Developer, Stripe

I've been interested in the web since I got a real Internet connection in 1997 (before that I was on a BBS with Lynx). I've been developing serious web applications since 2004.

Chris Chen

Developer, Unthinkable

I'm a front-end Wordpress and Drupal developer, with a keen sense of usability and functional design.

Darren Wood

Poke Consulting

Douglas Stewart

Project Management, FORT COZY

I make sure that small groups with big ideas can deliver on their ideas and stop putting them in the “someday” column.

Estyn Edwards

Co-Founder & CTO, Wellnext

Gillian Harvey

Designer & Instructor, U of A

A project-based art director, Gillian's core capabilities include clear language, data visualization, standards and procedural information, wayfinding and signage, typography and document design.

Ian Phillipchuk

Software Developer, Wellnext

Isaac Han

Poke Consulting

James Murgatroyd

Owner & Interactive Strategist

James specializes in brand development, website traffic growth, website UI, and generating advertising revenue.

Kenya Kondo

Founder, MyNewly.com & Peeps-N-Things.com

Kenya leverages technology to enhance real world relationships & communities.

Lisa Hagen

Strategy, Unthinkable

Lisa spends her days creating online experiences that tell stories, invoke emotion, and strategically engage users.

Mark Zacharias

Senior Developer, Wellnext

I'm the development lead for WellNext, which means I get to work with this new fangled java-script stuff.  I love helping to sculpt the vision for any project I get involved with. In my spare time you can find me trying to figure out how to buy my own airplane.

Mike Hudema

Climate and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace

I am a very driven individual with a social justice conscience. I appreciate a challenge and try to approach many problems in a creative and collaborative manner.

Nick Coe

Founder, RawrDenim.com

Nicole Bolton

Graphic Designer, Glossie

Nicole specializes in print design and custom stationery. She enjoys a good paper stock and big budgets.

Nicole Stewart

Designer, Unthinkable

Nicole's work consists of strong shapes, bright colours and great typography. She loves designing hand lettered logos, giving the client something truly unique and reflective of their company.

Sam Jenkins

Co-Founder & CEO, Wellnext

I'm passionate about activating better workplaces through wellness, tech, and engagement.

Vikki Wiercinski

Principal & Graphic Designer, Half Design

Vikki is a multi-faceted graphic designer and art director who thinks in vivid colour and bold type. She applies her skills to producing eye-catching, bombastic communication pieces for big and small clients alike.